Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Emotional Eating "Breaking Free From. Emotional Eating Part II."

Reviewing Geneen Roth's Book, Breaking Free of Emotional Eating continues with chapter III titled "Distractive Eating--It Doesn't Count if You're Not Sitting Down. This chapter is basically about how much energy many overweight people put into sneaking food, eating while they are distracted with music, TV..., emotional discussons and so on. The guidelines are introduced about eight weeks into her Breaking Free Program to stop eating while standing or being distracted by anything else. This all makes perfect sense but can simply be summed up with one hypnotic suggestion.

So it's like in the first two chapters full reign to eat whenever you desired is given and now she begins reeling you in with guidelines.

Chapter IV is about When Enough is Enough. The first part of the chapter is about listening to a voice that says, "enough is enough." But quite frankly much of it was confusing other than through all the confusion eventually you'll hear that voice. She went into the "Kids in India are starving," "Clean your plate" beliefs and ended with suggesting that we remember doggie bags in restaurants, practice leaving a few bites on your plate and even practice throwing away some food.

The closest she gets to discussing emotions is to ask yourself while you are eating what you'd rather be doing. Actually I phrased it that way back in the late 70's. She phrases it a little differently but it's basically the same question in what you're looking for in terms of emotional comfort.

Chapter V is about binging. She give you permission to binge and then provides advice such as if someone catches you binging, don't hide it; talk to the food; notice the texture, color, etc...; go to a mirror and touch your face, arms... She includes a section on food allergies which is poorly covered.

Even though she covered some important and interesting points, I'm still not impressed with the approach or the organization of the program. More to come

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