Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Emotional Eating "Hypnosis"

Hypnosis is a powerful subject. Actually it can be defined as the "art of suggestion." And suggestion can be given in a fully awake state of mind (awakened hypnosis) or a eyes closed relaxed state of mind.

This is one of my first mentions of the word "hypnosis." I began my career back in the 70's using hypnosis primarily for people who wanted to stop smoking or get thin or both. My initial experience in using hypnosis with losing weight was very uplifting with a group of approximately fifteen participants. Most were dropping weight for the first six weeks and then for the last four or five weeks, they gained most of it back. What a disappointment.

Fortunately I also had a private practice where I used stress management techniques in helping people get rid of headaches, anxiety... Some of them were overweight and the amazing thing is that they dropped the weight without focusing on the issue as they learned to manage stress.

Remember that hypnosis is the "art of suggestion." It turned out that by using stress managemnet techniques I knew a lot more about the types of suggestion than by using a straight hypnosis model I was taught.

So do I use hypnosis today? You bet I do and it's both in the awakened state and the relaxed state. Of course to take advantage of the relaxed state, that's where a series of powerful cds that I created and refined over the years come into play. If you know you want to add this powerful adjunct to the program click here.

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