Thursday, June 4, 2009

Emotional Eating "More Observation"

Today I observed that I was feeling put-out. I had a whole set of plans for the morning. At 7:30 am my son who works for me during the summer while he's off from college called to tell me that he was not feeling well.

Of all days for this to happen. Usually I'd do my stress management thing and say, "so what" about the day's plans and reschedule everything that concerned his job. But he had an important job to do today and guess who filled in for him--me. I had to say, "so what" to my plans and get up early to do his job for the day.

I had scrambled eggs with a piece of toast for breakfast. Then I had a small piece of chocolate cake and a cup of coffee. A few months ago when I was eating my stressors it would have been a danish. Instead I now bake my own cake with stevia as a sweetener--zero calories--and I use rye and millet flour instead of white flour.

At noon the feelings of being "put-out" were paramount as I noticed (observed) myself consuming a small burrito along with a small root beer.

I would normally skip lunch but today I diluted the "Put-out" feeling with a burrito.

I re planned my afternoon to get some of my morning plans done only to fall way short of my goals resulting in a low level of frustration.

By dinner time at 7:00 pm (that's when my significant other arrives home) I observed myself eating a second chicken sausage sandwich with peppers and onions. I noticed the frustration, was unhappy about it, and noticed the extra sandwich.

I then observed myself having a small piece of my chocolate cake with coffee and the feeling of uncertainty of tomorrow's schedule.

I was free of judging my eating behavior today or making it right or wrong. I can say that I'm unhappy about the extra sausage sandwich and that I'd prefer to stop diluting my feelings.

This is how to observe your behavior.

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