Saturday, June 20, 2009

Emotional Binge Eating "Bulemia"

For admission of Stephanie Pratt's Bulimia problem, click here along with all the warning signs to look for such as depression, irritability, over concern with appearance, social isolation, exercise freak, always worrying about food.

Actually the depression, isolation, exercise preoccupation, food worrying are symptoms of the real issue and that is over concern with appearance. No matter how famous or beautiful one might be the issue is fear of what others think of them. The fear could have been acquired anytime through life--even as early as kindergarten, but may not manifest itself until years later.

The approach is to deal with self consciousness and the first step is to read a book like Psychobyernetics by Maxwell Maltz which is only about fifty cents on It's an old standby written back in the 70's. Then it's helpful to read Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer PhD.

Not to say that bulimics can't be bingers and have all the emotional stressors that affect all of us over eaters too which may well be what get's them in trouble in the first place.

Click here and take the quiz to see if you're an emotional eater.

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