Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Emotional Eating "Some Real Advice"

Today, I noticed three articles about emotional eating. Only the last one is about emotions.

Click here for an article, Thinking Made Easy. You would think it's about healthy thinking such as avoid words like "lose, not, doing without, diet..." and use phrases like "shed weight, drop weight... but no it's about blah blah blah and about how poor eating habits affects your brain--depression, anxiety... More recycled stuff although it's important to notice that junk food is basically poison to the brain.

Then there's an article, "Lose Weight Quick at Home which you would hope would be more enlightenment but it's about more of the same recycled advice re getting supportive friends, making commitments..." Click here to read it--more blah, blah, blah.

Now for a great starting article, one with which you can relate, click here. It's called "Self Medicating with Food" which is about how food is used to avoid emotions. The advice again though is what worked for one person which involved him or her seeing a therapist to get at the root of his issues.

At this point, most over weight people are turned off because it's another thing to have to deal with. I mean you have to find a therapist and that itself may be a big problem. Who do you go to? Who really knows what they are doing? How long will it take to get results? Taking time to do it? The money it costs! The obstacles become a mountain and the whole idea of overcoming emotional eating becomes a huge project.

Well, from my personal experience in working with hundreds and hundreds of overweight people, therapy is not necessary. What is necessary is simply understanding the relationship between emotions, stress, and the reaction.

Literally its a 1,2,3 dance in life with #3 being the eating reaction. The goal is to discover how to deal with #1 and #2 and leave #3 out of the picture and that's what the Scale Conspiracy ebook and this blog is all about. The key is to allow you to experience the emotion at which time it disappears and so does the need for doing something about it.

Want to get a head start on dealing with emotional eating? You can purchase the best book, The Scale Conspiracy, (in e-book form) ever written about emotional eating now for only $14.95. It's a $39.00 value.

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