Thursday, June 25, 2009

Emotional Eating "Taming of the Chew"

I ordered three books about overcoming emotional eating and the first to arrive is Taming the Chew by Denise Lamonthe, Psy.D., H.H.D.

In the Introduction she says, "This book is not about being thin. It is about loving yourself just the way you are and eating in ways that feel nurturing.--not compulsive or self destructive. You will lose weight if you implement some of the suggestions on the following pages. If you wish to do so, that is fine--but helping you to lose weight is not my primary goal."

I don't see why you can't do both, discover how to love yourself and also drop all the weight you desire. In other words, have it your way.

So far I've gotten through the Intro and the first chapter. She definitely has a powerful understanding of how some emotional eaters use their excess weight to keep from being successful and steps right into that in the first chapter. Personally I believe that jumping into that issue is a bit premature. It's better described as a specific type of emotional eating as it involves only one emotion. In my book I jump into the issue much later in the book and cover it in far greater detail. But maybe I'm jumping the gun, maybe she revisits the subject later.

More to come.

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