Sunday, June 7, 2009

Emotional Eatng "A Gluttonous Experience"

Are you tired of observing yet? I hope not. I mean there are alternatives. One fellow claims to have discovered the answer to emotional eating (at least for himself). Click here to read his discovery

Read as much of it as you like and then skim down to the comments. There's really no mention of dealing with emotions, he just used an approach that's been used for decades and decades and there's nothing wrong with what he did, but what he did is impractical for the majority of over eaters as the comments indicate.

Just returned from my family reunion where as I planned I was gluttonous. I noticed (observed) my choice of gluttony and was free of guilt. Because of my present body weight being within three or four pounds of my goal, eating my family reunion was affordable.
More later...

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