Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emotional Binge Eating

There's an article on tips to curb binge eating. It is again the same old recycled tips and never mentions anything about emotions.

I'm very familiar with binge eating as I've had my share of binging in my life. And what I noticed is that the guilt of binging while I was binging over whelmed my sense of rationality. At first it was like, "OK a little of this won't hurt me." And then it was, "I already ate half of it, I may as well finish it," all the while feeling guilty hoping that I wouldn't repeat the same behavior the next day.
The challenge is to move beyond the guilt and observe the predominate emotion such as boredom and choose to take the emotion straight.

Back to observation. Today I had cereal in milk followed by one egg with a piece of bacon and toast for breakfast. For some reason my significant other made me two eggs and two pieces of toast. I decided to eat only one and save the other for later. No predominate emotion and I ate exactly what I chose.
By 1:00 pm I was bored and stopped in at the local Costco and ate a few samples to dilute my boredom.
By 5:00 pm I was home and finished the other egg, slice of bacon and toast followed by a nectarine. I observed that I was experiencing a sense of accomplishment for the afternoon.
When my significant other arrived home at 7:15 pm I ate a small leafy salad, two thirds of a Costco turkey burger, two tiny pieces of fried chicken, and one Chinese dumpling.

Don't know why but after dinner I notice a great desire for carbs. In the past I would have had a pastry and now choose to drink my second cup of hazel nut coffee for the day.

Later around 9:00pm while writing a stress management bulletin I walked by the kitchen island and noticed fresh cherries. Couldn't identify what emotion I was diluting as I ate about a half dozen cherries. I decided that whatever it was that it was affordable for me to dilute it.

You might have noticed that the last several days while observing my feeling and eating behavior it's basically an eating diary. One might suggest writing the diary throughout the day, but I choose to make mental notes instead and record them later.
Diaries are not necessary to drop weight, but can be an important tool. I suggest a diary such as I'm keeping connecting emotions with food. Join in, what can you lose?
Whoops, that word, "LOSE."

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