Sunday, June 14, 2009

Emotional Eating "Sweet Tooth"

Everyday I get an update on articles that have been published about emotional eating. As I read them it seems like there's a big humongous empty hole. They all attempt to identify what emotional eating is. The latest one identified emotional eating as people having a sweet tooth. Being an emotional eater myself, I must laugh because it's not always my sweet tooth that can get me in trouble, it could be my carbohydrate tooth which could be split up into my fruit tooth or my bread tooth, or my pasta tooth. And how about the salad tooth? Ever hear of anyone with a salad tooth? To read the article click here.

He does suggest observation which is the best place to start followed by his book, Free To Eat for $24.95. Maybe I should raise the price on mine which I will guarantee you is the most informative and useful book on Emotional Eating that you'll ever find.

Want to get a head start? You can purchase the best book, The Scale Conspiracy, (in e-book form) ever written about emotional eating now for only $14.95.

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