Monday, June 8, 2009

Emotional Eating "The Aftermath of Gluttony"

Today was an opportunity to forget about food to make up for the gluttony of yesterday. I had a scrambled egg on toast for breakfast. Actually I was going to skip breakfast, but my significant other prepared it for me and I enjoyed it.

I did a lot of driving today, pulled into a couple rest stops and easily dismissed any thoughts about food. Emotionally it was an semi rewarding day and I felt moderately happy.

For dinner I planned on only a leafy green salad, but my significant other prepared an ear of sweet corn and a noodle soup with lots of cut greens which I also enjoyed. After dinner I checked my email to find out that a newsletter I published yesterday had an incorrect url.

I was a bit stressed out and frustrated searching for the correct url. I observed a temptation for coffee and desert and chose to take the frustration straight drinking only the coffee and leaving the desert out of my evening.

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