Friday, June 12, 2009

Emotional Eating "Ending the Binge"

Ending binging isn't that difficult, yet it helps to know what direction to go. Click here for and article in which the author believes one binges because they are on an unhealthy diet and because of how one thinks.

The author mentions that the word "diet" makes you think of all the things you've "given up." While I agree with his approach to thinking (in fact the first several of my posts about the words "losing" and "not" are hypnotic suggestions to cause one to eat--and there are many more covered in my ebook) I do not agree with his theory about one's diet contributing to binging.

Binging is 95+% created by one's own thinking mechanisms. At first one starts with the intent on just having a few bites of something and then rationalizes why a few more bites won't matter and before long those few bites become dozens and then there's a tremendous feeling of guilt as the package of chips is diminishing in size and one says, "what the hell, I might as well finish it off."

There is sometimes a feeling of self loathing and getting even with oneself for lack of control. You might think it semantics but whenever you try to "control" something it controls you. It's often helpful to know what the goal is and the goal is to "manage" one's eating habits.

The bottom line is that even though the article recognizes that binging is emotional eating, there's no direction as to how to deal with emotional eating. Not even the mention of stopping diluting the emotion.

Yes, binge eating can be stopped by taking the emotions straight and stopping their dilution. "Stop diluting" emotions is like "D day." The phrase "D Day" meant a coordination of forces along the entire European coast and likewise "stop diluting" emotions may be sufficient information for success, but often it's important to understand where emotions come from, how to experience them, how to set aside the stressors in life and leave food out of the picture even though the stressors are still unresolved and that's what my ebook, The Scale Conspiracy, shows you how to do.

Even if one has psychological issues deep seated as some would have you believe, one does not have to solve those issues or even attack them to be thin. I mean, haven't you ever seen a thin crazy person?

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