Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emotional Eating "Addictions and Food Allergies"

If you click here, you'll find an article, "Where did Your Food Addictions Come From," by Kelly Aziz which is about addictions and emotional eating. While she says a lot about food addictions which I find questionable, her statement about the goal with emotional eating is right on,
"Emotions aren’t something one should fear, we should embrace every one that we feel and experience and that’s just it: we should allow ourselves to feel and experience them. The more we do so, the better we are able to manage them and more able we are to cope in stressful situations in the world. The world will also be a much more interesting place and wonderful place."

What's unknown is actually how one would "embrace" and "experience" the emotions which I would hope her book would enlighten you. And without that information, it would be for naught.

Why I take exception to what she says about addictions is that she generalizes them. It's highly unlikely that any one person would be addicted to as many substances as she suggests is possible and that's because food addictions are actually food allergies.

And food allergies are most often developed simply out of over indulgence of a particlar food over a long period of time--say many months or years--to the point where there is a craving.

Some people crave sugar foods, others crave pastries, others chocolate, others orange juice (yes even something like orange juice), others bread, others peanuts, others chips, others pretzels... It's highly unlikely that one would crave all of them. Sure, one might like all of them, but crave them all--NO it unlikely.

The only to successfully implement any "get thin" program is to identify the particular addictions or allergies and then just as an alcoholic must stop drinking, the chocolate alcoholic or the pretzel alcoholic (yes you might be allergic to several, but not all) must stop the addictive substance for any "get thin program" to work.

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