Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Emotional Eating "Big Life Problems?"

There's a good article which focuses you in the direction of identifying problems and then solving them. But unfortunately doesn't tell you how to embrace your emotions. It suggests that you find a counselor which is good if the counselor knows how to help you disengage food from your problems.

The article assumes that emotional eaters have emotional problems and that's not always true. Waking up late because of a malfunctioning alarm clock can contribute to you feeling pressured and food can be a way of diluting that feeling. So it would be silly to seek counseling for malfunctioning alarm clocks. Often it's simply a matter of identifying the emotion and what contributed to it. With some basic direction, you can learn to leave food out of the situation. Observing is the first step. It gives you an opportunity to identify the emotions and then you can trace back to the source of the emotion--the stressor.

Today I had a hearty breakfast of pancakes made with rye and millet flour and sweetened with honey and two tablespoons of rock road. I did this in preparation of a physically exerting day. I weighed myself after my gluttony on Sunday and was two pounds over what I was before the week-end started. Today the scale read four pounds down--my goal weight. It doesn't make sense and that's why I think the scale is a stupid instrument. Nevertheless I'm happy with it's reading although I have trouble believing it.

I returned from a tiring day at 4:00 in the afternoon and had an egg with two pieces of bacon on a slice of toast followed by an nectarine. Physically I'm tired and emotionally I'm flat.

For dinner at 8:00 pm when my significant other got home I had a green leafy salmon salad and a small portion of some Korean fish cakes she brought home. After wards I felt hungry for desert and observed a feeling of being left out as my significant other and her daughter spoke Chinese. I chose to take the feeling straight with a cup and a half of coffee.

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