Monday, June 29, 2009

Emotional Eating "Breaking Free From. Emotional Eating."

After the first two chapters of Geneen Roth's Breaking Free from Emotional Eating I must say that I am not impressed so far. Her approach is one that worked initially for her personally and that was to stop all dieting and self limiting behavior when it came to food. Simply eat whenever you're hungry.

I take exception to this because in reality (and maybe it's semantics, but I don't really think so) to achieve physical hunger it would require 6 weeks of fasting. In fact if you were to fast for twelve hours or so, you will no longer feel hungry. And fasting for a week-end now and then can be a great thing that actually helps you cleanse your liver.

Nevertheless, when she did this she gained fifteen or so pounds over a few months (I believe) and then got rid of 30 pounds over two years. Great for the result.

I use a similar suggestion in the work that I do and it's like this, "You eat anything you want and are amazed to find that what you really want to eat is far more nutritious and less in quantity than you ever dreamed possible." Who cares about making up for twenty years of dieting by pigging out on as much chocolate or ice cream as you can consume until you're fed up? If you can get turned onto healthy eating by suggestion and find that you can really care less about the candy and ice cream, why plague yourself with gluttony?

Plus if you do eat ice cream and or candy or whatever, wouldn't it be great to "fill up on flavor and taste" and not have to gluttonize yourself into gaining any weight at all--much less fifteen pounds? Ironically, her approach is the same as mine but 180 degrees different--completely opposite. Does that make sense?

So far, not impressed, hopefully there will be some real gems yet to be revealed in dealing with Emotional Eating as the title suggests.

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