Saturday, June 27, 2009

Emotional Eating "Taming of the Chew Pt V"

Part II of Taming of the Chew by Denise Lamothe, Psy.D., H.H.D. continues with a chapter title Healing the Emotional Self in which she reviews the many emotional hurts we often go through as children and how children assume the blame. She explores the confusion of sexuality and it's impact on one's psyche leading to the Chew running rampant.

For the today person, she provides infomation on building self confidence, setting healthy boundaries (minimize being taken advantage of by others), becoming assertive, and learning to laugh.

The last chapter of Part II is Healing the Spiritual Self in which she suggests things such as:
1. Designing your environment to be pleasing.
2. Living in the Here and Now rather than the guilts of the past.
3. Moving beyond emotional pain in life to learn and benefit from it.
Then I discovered there's a Part III which is a summary of the book. It's about making conscious choices--rather than count calories, be aware of the consequences of the cookie.
Then she suggests many tips to manage stress along with tips for avoiding the binge, i.e. before letting the Chew have it way you will do one of a dozen different activities such as:
1. Calling a friend,
2. Locking yourself in the bathroom with a bubble bath.
3. Take a walk or ride a bike
and the list goes on and on.
She provides a self talk scenario where if you make a mistake and eat too much or binge you can possibly learn from it.
Then I discovered there's a Part IV titled Summing It All Up starting with the importance of making a Committment. She then wraps up her book with several pages of repeating passages from the book as a summary of the important messages.

My take on the book is that it is definitely worth reading. I believe that she could have done much more with the emotions specifically. In the summaries, she basically recycles a lot of techniques that have been used for decades rather than 0ffering a new approach to embrace emotions.

I know it might sound self profiting, but I'd recommend reading my book first and the her book for grounding. While she has covered the emotional hurting that contributes to low self esteem, my book is a lot more effective at tackling emotions which is what mastery of emotional eating is all about. We both agree on the importance of building self esteem and confidence, however, my approach is about learning how to feel good about you even on a "bad hair day." Her book is available through for around $10.00.

My next post will be about Geneen Roth's book titled Breaking Free from Emotional Eating.

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