Friday, June 19, 2009

Emotional Eating "Control Stress"

My hometown newspaper, the Asbury Park Press in NJ, carried a story offering advice to help stress eating. Click here to read Eight Ways to Stop Stress From Weighing You Down. Basically it's a collection of advice from experts around the country. Here are four of them.

One expert suggests listening to music you like and or doing things you like.
Another one suggests that we simply recognize that we can't control the economy.
Another suggests talking about your stress with family and friends.
Another suggests using deep breathing to deal with temptation to eat.

The other suggestions are along similar lines of advice and while it's all fine advice in living and dealing with stress, it has very little if anything to do with dealing with the stress of emotions. Nothing about embracing emotion much less how to do it.

Want to get a head start on dealing with emotional eating? You can purchase the best book, The Scale Conspiracy, (in e-book form) ever written about emotional eating now for only $14.95. It's a $39.00 value.

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