Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emotional Eating Planning

Let's jump into emotional eating. The first posts were basically about how your thinking can stand in the way of success in shedding weight. There are some more suggestions we'll look at as we go along. But for now let's jump into emotional eating.

Click here for an article which is interesting to read. The bottom line is that the author suggests Making Plans Now Before Overeating Takes Control

This is to not give into emotional eating. Plan now to be aware of what triggers over eating and by so doing it will help prevent it in the future. And then focus on your positive changes leading to long term happiness.

Again, as I read this there's nothing here in their bottom line that hasn't been done a hundred times already. Essentially my opinion is that the author recognizes the effects of emotional and binge eating (also emotional) but then simply jumps on the bandwagon of applying all the old recycled advice to the problem of emotional eating.

What would I have you do that's different?

The first step in making effective change is to observe. Thinking of plans at this moment is a waste of time. Now if you are in a hurry to drop all that weight that took years to accumulate, then go use some of the recycled stuff and come back to this blog in a year of two and tell me why I'm wrong or why I'm right.

Observe what? Observe the emotions (what you are feeling) as you are eating. What predominate feelings do you have? Do you only eat when you are frustrated? or only when you are bored? or only when you are down? or only when you feel happy? or are there several emotions that accompany the eating habit. Please feel free to answer these questions.

If you just joined in this blog this would be your first step. No need to attempt to do any changing yet. More about how to observe in my the next posting as there are some basic rules to follow in "observation."

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