Monday, June 15, 2009

Emotional Eating "Like an Addiction to Drugs?"

Food can be an addiction--let's say addiction to certain foods.
Many of us are hypoglycemic because of the "sweet tooth." Sweets can be in the form of candy laden with sugar, or carbohydrates like pastries, cakes, bagels... made with white processed flour.
You have just one bite of the addictive substance and there's an incredible desire for more and more until you're stuffed.
Allergies to certain foods can likewise cause a similar response. The allergen in the food causes a blood sugar release resulting in a craving. Allergies can be to any unhealthy or healthy food or drink (such as orange juice). Or it can be a combination thing. You have a drink of coffee and there's an incredible desire for coffee cake. There's an interesting article, click here. He states that unlike drugs where you must stop them completely, with food we have to continue eating to live.
He's not exactly right about this. If you are addicted or allergic to any food, then it's important to stop eating that particular food. It's impracticable to even think about managing emotional eating until you stop eating completely the addictive food just as one has to stop drugs.
What foods might you be addicted or allergic to? Do you know how you would tell if you're allergic to a particular food?
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