Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emotional Eating "Four Easy Steps?"

Emotional eating seems to be a "catch phrase" for all types of advice. Did you know that the "Quickest Way to Lose Weight is by Overcoming Emotional Eating"?
I certainly agree with that. However, in that article four tips are given.
1. Do not have any taboo foods. If you've read my last two posts about food addictions and food allergies, then that advice simply becomes wishful thinking. It's like an alcoholic can not have a sip and if you're addicted to a certain food, a bite is enough to overpower any rational thinking you might ever have. It's wishful thinking vs reality.
2. Figure out what true hunger is. My comment is that this has nothing to do with emotional eating--it's recycled advice that's been given out for decades. In fact it about the fourth time I've read that advice in articles about losing weight.
3. Step three is built on step two and that is to ask yourself how you will feel if you devour the bag of chips that is tempting you. Again, this is recycled advice.
4. Get support such as post on your fridge all the reasons why you want to shed weight or put on your running shoes and go for a jog. Again recycled advice
See for yourself, click here to read the article.

Not sure you're an emotional eater? Click here and take the quiz.

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