Friday, June 26, 2009

Emotional Eating "Taming of the Chew Part II"

This is my second post on the book Taming the Chew by Denise Lamothe, Psy.D., H.H.D. If you're wondering what H.H.D. stands for it's a degree for being a Holistic Doctor

Chapter II is titled Understanding Physical Reasons for Over Eating. It starts out with the programming we've received since childhood relating food with emotions or emotional situations. It then goes into substances that are harmful and should be eliminated from the diet such as alcohol, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, diary, and salt.

I agree it's beneficial to minimize most of them, however, I would not make diary one of them. She could just as well tackled gluten. but didn't. True it's probably healthier to eliminate diary, however, to shed weight it's not an important issue unless there's a food addiction or allergy to diary.

Chapter III is titled Understanding the Emotional Reasons for Over Eating and is about our short comings affecting our self esteem, the negative affect of growing up in abusive dysfunctional families, and what she describes as our "sub selves' which is about how we think about our eating behavior and how we handle it.

You might disagree with me, but so far I'd say that the book is not laid out very well--not organized very well. She touches on a lot of things you'll find in my book, but thus far she only touches on them. In my next post I'll review the next chapter or two which should put me at the end of part I of the book--the half way point.

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