Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Emotional Eating "Breaking Free From. Emotional Eating Part III"

I think I understand why the subject of emotions and food is so poorly covered in Geneen Roth's Book which my last two posts were about. It's because the book was initially titled "Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating" and when it looked like emotional eating was becoming a buz phrase, she changed the title which means its what I call a recycled technique--true it stands alone but basically is a technique to ultimately create awareness as is generally used for habitual eating.

Chapter 6 is about learning our eating behaviors from our parents--how we were programed to eat from childhood. Chapter 7 is a about the program we received about eating in restaurants.

Chapter 8 is about exercise which is a standard discussion in most books. She warns about becoming an exercise freak and lists several things to watch for indicating you're an exercise freak. She has a section titled Scales are for Fish which I found amusing and am in agreement.

Chapter 9 is about what you want in terms of being thin.

Chapter 10 is looking at the image of the thin you and the fat you--a shift in self image.

Chapter 11 is about judgement and starts out with an interesting twist. For instance, in response to being told by one woman's lover that she's too heavy, she ate more and gained ten pounds rather than notice that her lover has a problem getting close.
Judging your eating behavior is the wrong thing to do as opposed to noticing your eating behavior free of judgement (much like I did in my posts a couple weeks ago when I was observing). The balance of the chapter is about tips on stopping judgement of yourself or handling them from others.

Chapter 12 is about trusting--trusting yourself that once you give yourself permission to eat everything in sight that you won't.

There's only three more chapters and I still haven't seen any real guidance re recognizing or handling emotions and what that would be all about.

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