Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Breaking Free From Emotional Eating "Eating Crow?"

Ok, I was going to take a look at Taming of the Chew in this post, but in my last post I said some critical things of Renee Roth's book Breaking Free from Emotional Eating. I still agree with what I said, but then I ran across some book reviews of the previous edition of the book when it was called Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating at
http://behappydieting.com/diseases-conditions-and-treatments/compulsive-eating-diseases-conditions-and-treatments/breaking-free-from-compulsive-eating.html Sorry I can't link this--the url is too long. There are five posts which fit in very well as an add for the book from individuals who laud the book.

It's a good thing that I said in my previous post that the approach could work for some which these posts bear out. The problems I still have with the book are the change in title to go from Compulsive Eating to Emotional Eating and never really handle the subject of emotions and the "eat whenever you're hungry" thing. Obviously she got the point across that when eating is no longer a taboo, you then only eat when it's appropriate.

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