Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is Emotional Eating a Mental Illness?

In my last post I referenced an article which claimed that emotional eating is a mental illness.
I'm an emotional eater and find it hard to believe that I have a mental illness. Perhaps if I were fifty pounds or more overweight. So I think there need to be a qualifier there as opposed to stating that emotional eaters are mentally ill.

And then there are many emotional eaters that never eat when they are frustrated, upset, depressed or angry--they eat to reward themselves and when they are happy. Of the books I've read, I have yet to find any of the emotional eaters experts handle happiness or explain it. I'm sure someone does, but most leave you to believe that there is a serious issue or emotional problem in the emotional eater's life that they use food to avoid.

By the way, if one can choose to make an issue serious, one can also choose to make the issue unserious. Make sense?

And how about self love? How does that fit in the scope eliminating emotional eating?

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