Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Emotional Eating "Shrink Yourself"

I'm reviewing the book Shrink Yourself by Roger Gould, MD and am in Part II Chapter 11 and 12. Both chapters are well worth reading however, I find them overwhelming and would imagine that one suffering from obesity would also. It's so much to do and remember that it can be stressful in itself. But then again, one tip may well be all you need as he provides many tips for overcoming the feeling phobia as well as getting out of your food trance. Although there's a lot of information, I feel it could be greatly simplified. I also notice that although he deals with the "feeling phobia" he doesn't really go into how to feel emotions. He doesn't tell the reader what to do with some powerful emotions such as anger, depression, confusion, uncertainty... other than to do one of many stress management activities. In a sense it's like telling your mother that you are angry with her and her response is to go jogging or maybe shopping. Maybe he handles how to feel emotions later in the book.

More to come

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