Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eat All You Want and Lose Weight?

Ok, I'm an emotional eating specialist--actually I consider myself an expert (toot my own horn) and I discovered this diet (similar to Atkins) that enables you to eat all you want and actually lose weight. This has nothing to do with emotional eating except to stay on the diet, it helps to manage your emotions.

Actually I'm not a diet type of guy and spend most of my time making fun of the various diets. Nevertheless every book you read about losing weight has a diet in it and I discovered this diet quite by accident. Fifteen years ago I encountered a skin parasite that nearly killed me. Of the half dozen doctors and specialists I consulted, none knew of a treatment. Eventually I discovered what foods the parasites like and what foods put them in remission and actually ate all I wanted on the diet and lost a lot of weight.

But what kind of foods are you stuck with? How about foods like shrimp scampi (using real butter) with rice or pasta, marinara with linguine, ice cream...? Unheard of but very real to have a diet that allows such tasty foods and at the same time lose weight.

In fact of the hundreds of people who have used the diet, the biggest reason that they come off the diet is that they lose too much weight. I stayed on it for nearly ten years during which time my body chemistry was perfect with respect to cholesterol and all other parameters.

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