Saturday, July 11, 2009

Emotional Eating "Shrink Yourself Book Review"

I'm coming to the end of Shrink Yourself by Roger Gould M.D.
Usually doctors have their heads up their you know what, but I must admit this guy is on target as to why those who are overweight eat. Chapter 15 is about Creating Real Safety specifically about how some over eaters use food to avoid reality. He then gives the rational side of the power of reality.

Chapter 16 is about my favorite subject--Dealing With Anger. But it's a far cry from what I expected. He deals mainly with resentments from childhood--not a bad subject but I would have titled the chapter "The Price of Childhood Resentments."

Chapter 17 Fill Yourself Up is about dealing with the emptiness within you.

Throughout much of the book he uses how negative self thinking will lead one to disastrous negative conclusions about an event and then goes through the same event with looking at the event differently. It reminds me of a commercial on the radio several years ago where a fellow suffering from a physical ailment went to his local hospital and ended up with a life long condition and then the same scenario is replayed with him going to a special hospital where he ends up cured and happy.

Overall, I'm impressed with Roger Gould's understanding of the weight issue, yet very disappointed in the fact that he never dealt with ordinary everyday emotions (even anger).

Likewise his rational thinking mechanism could have been greatly simplified. I'm also disappointed that he didn't specifically deal with building self esteem, but for less than $10 on Amazon it's worth a read.

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