Sunday, August 30, 2009

Losing weight and Keeping it Off

As I read blogs I run upon others who are losing weight successfully. They usually attribute their success to making a change in their schedule, a change in the way they look at food, an increase in exercise, or something else. And they wholeheartedly pass along this technique, change in perspective or gimmick to others. It's like crowing their success and why shouldn't they? It in itself is a great accomplishment.

But as Doctor Warren Levin MD says in the fore ward to my book--The Scale Conspiracy--only 5% of those who lose the weight keep it off. Yes, 95% gain back all the weight and some gain back more. So rather than crow about how to lose weight, it's more powerful to crow about how we keep off weight.

Shedding weight is just the first part of attaining the goal. It's about staying there and why is that such a big problem?

After having worked with thousands of people in the weight management arena, this is what they say, "I was doing really well until I went on vacation. I ate everything in sight and just kept on eating when I came home and gained all my weight back."

Others might say, "I was doing great until my husband lost his job." Of course there are hundreds of substitutions for "husband lost his job."

Think this though. The individual was doing fine, dropped all the weight and did fine until a change happened--vacation or calamity. What does the vacation or calamity involve?

Answer: A series of new stressors and resultant emotions--yes a pleasant vacation is call eustress. Winning the lottery is also a stressor--a eustress.

Rather than look at the situation as a new set of emotions to learn with which to deal, the person gets into, "Oh, I blew it, there's no hope for me," and the pitty potty is engaged with emotional eating.

The answer to successful weight loss is to know how to deal with emotions, how to embrace them rather than dilute them with food, and actually how to benefit from emotions. It's like taking a course on defensive driving or self defense.

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