Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Before you deal with emotional eating...

I find a lot of articles and blogs giving advice on how to end emotional eating. They make it sound so easy with recycled advice from the fad diet era.

Actually, as I've covered in a few recent posts, you get no where if you're infected with candida. Food addictions and food allergies don't give you much of a choice either.

To get rid of candida it can only be done by going on a specific diet--just google candida or use the one in my e-book. Also take acidophilus or probiotics. It can take months for life to return to normal. There are no short cuts and if you go back to eating sugar before your body is completely cleansed of the yeast, the candida will return full force very quickly.

Addictions and food allergies: You're often allergic to what you are addicted to. I was addicted to peanuts and potato chips. Once I had one chip or one peanut, it was an endless binge until my supply was exhausted. I made an agreement with myself that I could eat as many chips and peanuts I wanted, but instead of sitting in a comfortable chair watching TV, it would be in the unfinished basement standing next to the furnace.

Yes, I ate quite a few peanuts and chips there and then got bored with it and now I can't remember the last time I did that. Years later I can now have just one handful of peanuts or chips and am free of subsequent binging.

I was also addicted to Dunkin Doughnuts--the shop was right across the street from my office.
I made an agreement that I'd stop eating doughnuts for six months. When I was tempted to have one, I'd remind myself that I still had five months, three weeks and six days to go.

After a few weeks I forgot about doughnuts. Then I had one after about three months and ended up eating four more. I got depressed and realized, "Well I dropped five pounds and if I did it before, I could do it again and I renewed my agreement to stop eating doughnuts.

I went on to drop twenty pounds. Of course knowing how to deal with emotions also helped me stick to the agreement.

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