Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Emotional Eating and Self Image

How's your self image? I often ask my clients what they feel other's would say about them--not that they should be affected by others thoughts of them--but then the reality is that they are influenced by what others think (another issue--self esteem).

Anyway they respond with adjectives such as:
heavy, overweight, zoftic, whale, thunder thighs, rolly polly, fatso... and the list goes on and on.

I write them down and then ask if we went out on the street and approached someone passing by if he/she would like to meet this person. Of course I get a laugh but then the impact of what I've written down begins to set in.

To deal effectively with emotional eating, it's important to build self image. And this is most often accomplished with affirmations of which there are dozens. One that I particularly like is, "I am a thin person carrying a few extra pounds that are a temporary part of me and I am shedding it."

It's amazing that of all the article I've read and books (except for mine), none of them deal with self image and it's important to move towards a healthy self image. Otherwise, you'll always believe you are heavy, overweight, fat... and because you like to be right--your subconscious--it will keep you that way (can even cause you to gain back weight after you've lose weight.

Does this make sense?

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