Friday, September 4, 2009

Auto Accident and Emotional Eating

On my way home I was in a fender bender. I lost my brakes as I plowed into the car in front of me. Fortunately the damage to the other car was minimal and the damage to my car could have been worse.

When I came home I got out the ice cream and in the face of a binge I ate about four teaspoons of ice cream and put it back in the freezer. I was amazed that I was satisfied with just four teaspoons. We were going out to dinner and I was planning on some minor gluttony but plans got changed and instead we stayed home. Dinner consisted of a bowl of cottage cheese with fresh pineapple--uhm good. I was going to do some gluttony with a root beer float and parred it down to just a few tablespoons of ice cream without the root beer.

Emotional eating could have ruined my day--not that the accident was fun. I choose to minimally dilute my emotions and leave food out of it. Tomorrow I'll have my car looked at to determine the extent of the damage. Then I can choose to handle the frustration as a result of the damage or the happiness as a result of minimal damage--which ever it might be.

Emotional eating is a double edged sword. If you're frustrated, you'll be tempted to dilute the feeling and if you're happy as the result of an event, you'll be tempted to dilute the feeling with food. That's why it's important to know more about how to handle emotion, stop resisting them, take them straight, look for opportunity to benefit from them...

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