Thursday, September 24, 2009

High Gear Weight Loss--What are You Really Eating?

This blog is about curing emotional eating, so let's cure your emotional eating. Of the dozens and dozens of articles and blogs about emotional eating they advise to reduce the stress that contributes to having emotions. How silly. It's like telling you not to breathe.

It's actually the stress of the emotion that's the problem.
But what causes the emotion? Let's say that it's simply when things work out or don't work out as desired.

When I had my auto accident, it certainly wasn't something I wanted. What I wanted was a smooth trip home and instead I had an accident. I felt upset, uncertain and confusion as a result of the accident.

Now if upon arriving home I had snacked or eaten excess food it would have been because I had a problem handling the upset, confusion, or uncertainty. But what caused the emotions? The auto accident, right?

So figuratively speaking, I would have been eating my auto accident. So what you might say.
It's a huge point. it looks like food, tastes like food but has nothing to do with food. Get the picture? I can stop deluding myself about food having anything to do with food. I'm eating my accident and I can eat it until I get fed up (pun intended) eating my accident.

As I look at the food, I see my dented car in the food. I stop looking at is as being ice cream, cookies, cake... Notice I'm focusing on the accident as opposed to focusing on food.

I hope what I've written make sense to you and that it wets your appetite (pun intended) to know more,

Now we don't expect that this is going to make an overnight difference although it may. What are you eating is the question? Some of my clients have been eating their jobs, their elderly parents, their accomplishments, their misbehaved children, their unrealized expectations of themselves...

Follow me on this and post what you have been eating.

If at any point what I'm writing makes sense to you as an approach, click here for more information.

Yes, I have a book that will get you a head start on what you can do with this blog. But you decide when it makes sense to you to jump in. In the meantime I can promise you that it's the best book you will find on the subject or your money back. Instead of having a dozen questions when you've finished it, you'll have dozens of answers and be on the way to dropping lots of pounds. It's a cure for emotional binge eating and it teaches you how to identify emotions, embrace them and feel them?

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