Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eating Florida

Looks like eating Florida is a popular thing to do. We have another person also eating Florida. What's important at this stage is to stop looking at what you over eat as food and look at it as the state--how ever you can visualize it. If you have trouble visualizing, then imagine the map of Florida on or in the food as you eat it.

Likewise with your disappointments. Identify them as much as you can, i.e. your job, relationship, your expectations of yourself vs. what you've actually accomplished. As you eat, visualize these disappointments along with the state of Florida on or in the food.

The first step is to observe which is what you are now doing by observing that it is not food that you eat, but your disappointments. And you're making them as real as possible by visualizing them or imagining them.

Avoid making yourself wrong for eating the disappointments. Let yourself know that you are unhappy eating your disappointments and that you'd prefer to take the emotions straight and leave excess food out of it and right now your are eating them.

Also remind yourself that there are other ways of dealing with these real life disappointments and right now you are eating them.

Now what's important to know is that you maybe have been eating these disappointments for years, so how soon will you stop eating them?

It varies from person to person, some people stop immediately (and it's one day at a time) others continue eating the disappointments for days, weeks, and sometimes even months as in the mean time the creative unconscious moves to a healthier means of dealing with the disappointments.

Keep posting on your progress with what I've shared with you. I'll be away on vacation for a week which will give you plenty opportunity to post.

Take the challenge and post what you are really eating. Go back to the last post I made if you're wondering what I'm asking for.

If at any point what I'm writing makes sense to you as an approach, click here for more information.

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