Monday, October 5, 2009

Vacation Eating

I'm back from the sun and fun of Aruba--a much smaller island than I expected. Sometimes I get caught in the "all you can eat buffets" and eat my happiness of being on vacation--in other words, the vacation--for several pounds. Yes we did one buffet and enjoyed gluttony for one evening although I was hoping for some chocolate deserts that weren't there, but I didn't let that stop me.

Overall we planned our meals, had a great time and forgot about food in general. On the next to the last day, we found a local restaurant instead of the hotel and tourist's restaurants. Our plan was to simply eat a late lunch for the day and have a big breakfast for the last day. We both ordered fish and seafood with rice and potatoes. I watched the server pile the rice onto a plate and then the potatoes thinking that it must be a small piece of fish since there was no room left on the plate. Instead it was two plates of food for each of us--one with rice and potatoes and the other with fish and seafood.

The amount of food was overwhelming and my first thought was to be gluttonous and eat the entire two plates of food. I soon changed my mind and we took half of our entrees to our suite.

We microwaved it for a late dinner (absolutely delicious) and skipped the buffet breakfast we had planned for our last morning there.

How have you been handling your emotional eating? Can you visualize or imagine what you are actually eating? If you're not sure what I'm asking, please read my last two posts.

Although you can see and do most of the things in Aruba in two days, it is a great place to go to unwind, relax and enjoy great weather.

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