Monday, October 12, 2009

Advice Runs Like Water

Advice on how to reduce or control emotional eating runs like water. Click here for an interesting article and after you read it--interesting captivating photos--ask yourself what it has to do with dealing with the emotions that result in emotional eating. Sure the advice is fine as general advice but this article is about emotional eating so wouldn't you expect some direction to handle the emotions associated with emotional eating?

I wonder how the person who is eating Florida is doing? What are you eating? Remember it looks like food, tastes like food, but has nothing to do with food.

Example, this week-end my fiancee and I visited friends. I noticed that on our vacation a week ago that we were free of eating the vacation and did a great job of planning our eating. But with our friends, it was too easy to be influenced by their suggestiveness and we ate our visit for a day and a half. But rather than look at it as food, I looked at it as eating the visit. I acknowledged that I was eating the visit with our friends and that I'd like to get beyond eating the visit and forget about food. Fortunately the visit was for only two days and now it's back to life as it was.

What are you eating? Does this make sense to you? Can you see how this different approach can make a big difference?

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