Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

A few posts back I wrote about hypnosis, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), and EFT (emotional freedom technique) to lose weight.

A most recent comment asked about hyposis to lose weight and asked about how long as it was possible she didn't give it enough time.

Let me say that hypnosis is the most powerful tool one can use. Yet there are many people who have misconceptions about it. There are two parts to hypnosis which I define as the "art of suggestion." First there's an educational component where the suggestions are explained to the person to be hypnotized in the full awake state. Then there's the part where the person closes his/her eyes, is relaxed, and listens to the suggestions.

This is true of all hypnosis. The difference lies in the nature of the suggestions. For instance, I could say, "As long as you avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, you'll forget about food." You might think this a stupid suggestion, but if it were true that a scientific study indicated it to be true, then it would be a good suggestion as long as I explained to you how the study was done and the findings of the study. But the bottom line is that it's a stupid suggestion and it's highly unlikely that it would be accepted by anyone of normal intelligence.

For months I've occasionally written about band-wagon techniques applied to emotional eating. In other words, everyone (and mean everyone) whose article or book I've read basically uses recycled advice left over from the fad diet era and apply it to emotional eating. Well, hypnotists are the same in that they use this same old recycled advice in the form of suggestions. And yes, it works for a period of time and then an emotional stressor occurs and the person gains back the weight. As I've often said, there's nothing wrong with these suggestions that they use as long as they don't proclaim to be helping you deal with emotional eating. And yet, by the same token, unless they deal with emotional eating, they are just playing a game.

What I do is entirely different. For instance, in my book I thoroughly educate the reader in how to deal with emotions--something I haven't seen anywhere else. Now this is the first step in hypnosis--educate the conscious mind. The suggestions are then formed as to dealing specifically with habitual and emotional eating.

The last question asked was about how long it takes. For some people all they need to do is have the conscious mind educated (some of what you're doing by reading these posts) and they have instant results as it's like "all of the pieces of the puzzle come together." But I never expect nor do I suggest anyone expect results this fast.

Hypnosis is the planting of suggestions likened to the planting of seeds in a garden. You prepare the soil (educate the conscious mind) dig a hole, plant the seed and cover it (you're exposed to the suggestion) and then it's watered and nourished with fertilizer (simply the continual use of the suggestions as in self hypnosis).

It takes a period of time to germinate the seed and for it to pop through the soil. To dig it up a few days later (question the suggestion), might destroy the seedling (interrupt with success).

My book is written in such a way that what is said makes total sense, is logical, and hypnotic in its nature. Because of how the suggestions are used, once you've read it, you can never ever cheat with food again. Now that sounds preposterous, but if you've been following my posts, you are not eating food--you're eating something else which is not food. So how can you cheat with food, when you are not really eating food?

So unless you outright lie to yourself and tell yourself that you are eating food, you can never cheat again.

Back to the question about how long. Another way of answering the question is to point out the obvious. For perhaps years you've been suggesting to yourself that you've been eating excess food or have an eating problem. Follow my posts or read my book and you'll see that's an out right lie. So now for the first time in your life you begin telling yourself what you are really eating and at your own pace you will creatively discover another way of dealing with what you're really eating and forget about food. Now this might take a few days, weeks or even months. Oftentimes having someone with whom to discuss these issues can speed up this process or at least validate the journey as being the right one.

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