Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are You Eating Your Job?

What do you do when you discover that you're eating your job, your loss of income, and being where you don't want to be? How do you learn to change things?

First there are many others who have job problems, have lost income and are not where they want to be and they are not all over weight or using food. What I'm saying is that it's totally possible to have all these problems and be thin. To get rid of the weight which might be limiting many of your options it's important to notice that what you are eating in excess looks like food, tastes like food but is your job, not being where you want to be and lack of income.

See the question is, "how much time do you spend berating and putting yourself down because you over eat food? Now you can stop that because you are not eating food--you're eating your job and so on. You can now focus on dealing with your job and be open to opportunity. I bet there are opportunities that you don't even notice because you've been too busy putting yourself down.

The most important question is, "Does eating your problem do anything to solve them?" Of course the answer is "No" meaning that there are more effective ways of dealing with these problems.

This means that in time you will become "fed up" (pun intended) handling the same problems the same nonproductive way--eating them.

Now if you have opportunities and are somehow messing them up, i.e. not focused, forgetting and so on, then you need to focus on why you are sabotaging your opportunities. There may be a fear of success. Afraid that if you were able to move to where you want to move, have a better job, and be thin, life still might not be so great. In which case you're eating fear of the future. Make sense?

Again, fear of the future is something every human being experiences and there are more productive ways of handling it than eating the fear.

Now all this is a lot to deal with at one time and all that we are really doing is to open the unconscious mind to the creativity to solve life's problem while we switch the focus from food to dealing with the problems.

How about emotions, you might ask? Well, you get them everyday from things that do and don't work out. You even get them from reminders of things that didn't work out the day before. If you can not let it be that something did or didn't work out, you'll have an emotion and if you can't let it be that you have an emotion, you'll eat.

Ultimately you'll embrace the emotion and take it straight. If you have the cd's you also have the e-book. I'd suggest that you reread the chapters on emotions and self defeative eating and keep using the cds in rotation. In the meantime you'll be eating your problems until you're totally fed up with handling the same problems the same nonproductive ways and then you'll say to yourself, "That's it, I've stopped eating my problems, I may be uncertain as how to solve my problems, one thing I know is that I've stopped eating them."

And you do this one day at a time. This gives you the best opportunity to separate your stressors from eating and also move towards solving your problems.

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