Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What are You Really Eating?

One blog reader wrote me to tell me that after a week there's been no change. She's been visualizing the food she eats as being the particular stressor.
Now I must ask how long does change take? Let's put this in perspective. If you're about a hundred pounds over weight and you've been telling yourself that you're overweight because you've been eating too much food for the last ten or so years, it may take a bit of time for the brain to catch up to reality.
As I shared before in previous posts, I had been depressed for about two years because of some bad business decisions that resulted in near bankruptcy. I gained about twenty pounds and even though I knew I wasn't eating food--I was eating the stressors that led to my depression it didn't make much difference--I still gained the weight. But at least I wasn't lying to myself about it being a food problem or a weight problem.

And yes, before I got through the depression, I stopped eating my stressors and dropped fifteen of the twenty pounds. The point is that rather than focus on food, I focused on dealing with my life circumstances which began with me be totally at the effect of other events to gaining a sense of mastery in my life situations.

The goal is to focus on what you're really eating. Not what it tastes like or looks like.

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Anonymous said...

After listening to your CD's I think I eat everything that happens at my job, the place I live in, being where I don't want to be, the loss of income. Now I need to learn how to change that.