Friday, September 25, 2009

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Hey, I need a little help here. In my last post I talked about what we are really eating. It looks and tastes like food but has nothing to do with food. We eat our accomplishments and disappointments. Does that make sense to you? Tell me what you're eating so we can go to the next step.

This is all a logical progression. Something does or doesn't work out as we expect and there is a resultant emotion. If we can not let it be that we feel the particular emotion we dilute it with food.

Of course we would not be feeling the emotion if it weren't for the event that did or did not work out as we wanted. Symbolically then we are eating that particular event or thing that didn't work out as we desired or what did work out as desired.

Since I'm an emotional eater, let me be the first to share. Two years ago my financial life started to crash which I had trouble letting be. I was limited as to what I could do about it and had difficulty letting that be. The resultant emotions were uncertainty, confusion, and depression. Of course things were a bit more involved than I have space to share in this post--I could write a few chapters about my life unraveling. And just as I was putting my life back, the stock market crashed which further challenged my situation. Again I had trouble letting all this be and felt more uncertain, confused, and depressed.

Result was that even with all I know about emotional eating I ate twenty pounds of my disappointments.

The difference was that all during this time I knew exactly what I was eating--that I was eating my life situation--the possibility of even losing my home. I didn't cop out crying about a weight problem or a food problem. I had difficulty dealing with the resultant emotions and diluted them with food.

I kept telling myself that I'd like to forget about food and stop eating my disappointments and then one day in the midst of all the uncertainty, anxiety, confusion and depression, I stopped eating my life's situation. I stopped diluting the emotions and started taking them straight.

Like I said, I could write a few chapters about everything that went on in my life for a year and a half. Essentially I applied everything I knew about emotional eating which is already in my book--the Scale Conspiracy.

So if you're reading this post and have been emotionally eating, take this opportunity to get a handle on it. Comment on what you have been eating. I'll take it from there.

If at any point what I'm writing makes sense to you as an approach, click here for more information.

Yes, I have a book that will get you a head start on what you can do with this blog. But you decide when it makes sense to you to jump in. In the meantime I can promise you that it's the best book you will find on the subject or your money back. Instead of having a dozen questions when you've finished it, you'll have dozens of answers and be on the way to dropping lots of pounds. It's a cure for emotional binge eating and it teaches you how to identify emotions, embrace them and feel them?

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Richard Kuhns said...

Florida....I am eating Florida, I am eating my job, I am eating my lack of independence and my disappointments in life. I know there is help out there and I need big nudges to check them out and force myself out of this comfort zone I live in.