Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aftermath of Auto Accident and Emotional Eating

I found that they make radiators out of plastic today instead of metal so I needed to replace my radiator. I also found that my brake line had corroded and developed a leak which is why my car didn't stop soon enough. Overall the news was pretty good and the expense a lot less than it could have been.

Fortunately the photo to the left is not my car--my damage was much less.

The overall result led to feelings of moderate happiness. I was still apprehensive as to what the cost would be to repla
ce the front bumper and a headlight lens.

Once again I was planning on going to dinner and planned gluttony. Actually, I planned on enjoying half of the entree and bringing the remainder home--they serve large portions. However, my fiancee wasn't feeling well, so we stayed home and I had a salad, ear of corn and a small pork chop. A cup of coffee with a small moon cake (Chinese New Year cake) was desert.

Son of a gun, I probably dropped a pound or so where I thought I'd stay constant. It's amazing how many opportunities there are to drop weight.

By the way, I'm only two pounds from goal. Yet since 95% of those who drop weight gain it back, the real challenge is to manage my weight. Challenge because in a couple weeks, I'll be going on vacation and I love buffets which can add many pounds. Yet, I have a quiet confidence that I'll actually find opportunities to stay on target or drop a pound or two.

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