Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hypnosis and NLP

I find it amazing how many different approaches there are to dealing with emotional eating. Just happened upon an article from a fellow (actually it's a she) hypnotist from the UK suggesting that it's about getting rid of unwanted emotions. Click here to read the article. She has a twenty minute cd to download in which she claims to provide encouragement to lose weight. I'm not sayin that the cd won't work for some people, but I can't image handling the whole gamit of emotional eating in one twenty minute cd.

Just because we're both hypnotists doesn't mean that we use the same suggestions or even similar suggestions. She suggests NLP (neuro lingistic training) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy). NLP is about grounding or association of a particular thought with a specific action or motivational statement which I also use in my work. EFT is about tapping on certain accupressure points. From my experience it's mainly suggestive and more likely to work with the gullable client.

Again, I'm not saying that none of these techniques are beneficial, but they don't tackle how to deal with emotions. It's like telling someone that by avoiding stepping on the cracks in the pavement, they will avoid emotional eating. The suggestion is very unsophisticated and the fact is that we live in a more and more sophisticated world and it helps a great deal if the suggestions make sense.

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Lincoln Bryden said...


This seems really interested. I run a fat loss community website and am conducting a series of interviews, and I would love to interview you if you are interested?

Please let me know


Richard Kuhns said...

Yes, contact me at knic@comcast.net. I'll be away on vacation for a week starting Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Emotional eating is a big problem for me. I am definetley interested in this approach.

Anonymous said...

How long would it take for hypnosis to take effect? I had tried a few times but tend to give up too soon.