Friday, August 28, 2009

Emotional Eating and Candida

Met this very young attractive lady, Kathleen, at a networking event yesterday. I don't know whether she's an emotional eater or not as she certainly didn't look one pound over weight. But, apparently what she looked like a year or so ago was completely different--not that she was overweight, but she was really sick.

Really sick from something that affects millions of us and many doctors are totally ignorant about it. In fact most doctors won't even (certainly her doctor didn't) acknowledge its existence. In fact the way her doctors treated her condition only made it worse. So bad that she's lucky to be alive.

I'm writing about is since I also suffered from the same condition but was lucky enough to find healthy advice and didn't depend on doctors. And I also know that a significant number of those who are overweight also have the condition. For most people the condition doesn't advance to the degree it did for Kathleen. But it does keep you from losing weight.

The condition is candida
and this is part of what she says about her night mare with it, "My case was very serious. That's because my doctor had me on antibiotics nightly for years for treatment of my pelvic kidney. I cannot possibly relay the depth of my pain and suffering to you, but I am telling my story to help others from such a fate. One of the many horrors of the experience for me, and others who suffer from this condition, were the unrelenting negative thoughts that pounded in my head constantly, and I couldn't get them to stop. I had always been a positive person, and this new condition was shocking. I would pray at night for God to take my soul. The yeast toxins inflamed my brain tissue, and everything went out of whack, beyond your imagination. It looks like mental illness. It happened so suddenly that my doctors first thought it was a buried childhood trauma which had suddenly awakened. Much later I was diagnosed with depression (which didn't seem to capture my experience or seem to fit), and then a year later, bipolar disorder. My mood constantly shifted, and I cried a lot, with panic attacks seemingly coming out of nowhere. I was so angry I could feel it coming out of my pores. I couldn't leave my house for about the first 6 months. I was nearly incapacitated. My boyfriend cooked all of my meals for me, and coached me through all of my fears and challenges that I was experiencing, minute by minute. I didn't feel like me anymore. I am thinking now of the pain, and sigh in relief that it is finally over."

I encourage you to read her full story and learn a lot more about this condition by going to her website.

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Kathleen Kalaf said...

Richard, thank you for sharing my story to help others. I was craving sugar, carbs and alcohol as the result of my systemic candida condition. I went from 5' 7" tall and 118 lbs to 175 lbs. I kept asking my Doctors why I could not stop eating ice cream.

I am not an emotional eater, but I could not stop eating the foods that yeast craves, and eating these foods continued to help it grow in my body. As soon as I found the right holistic doctors, I began treatment with probiotics, and went on the diet for candida, which eliminates sugar, white carbs, alcohol and fruit, and I dropped right back down to 135 lbs within 3-4 months.
I lost weight so fast I would sometimes wake up in the morning visible smaller.

Candida is a condition which affects 80% women. I hope everyone will visit my site, and read about the symptoms, and take the little test to see if you are a candidate for this.