Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Conquer Emotional Eating

I see so many posts for overcoming emotional eating like three easy things to do or seven steps to overcome emotional eating. I used to get excited about reading them in hopes of learning something, but I've come to realize that they have their heads up their you know what and know as much about emotional eating as they do about how to launch a rocket to the moon.

In my opinion it's their feeble attempt to make good of a search term "emotional eating" that ranks high in the search engine results. But their advice has little or nothing to do with dealing with emotions. Maybe I sound like a broken record, but damn it wouldn't you expect to see some direction in dealing with emotional eating. Sure they probably have something to sell and wouldn't be giving you all the goodies, but to think you'd buy their wares by teasing you with some recycled advice that has nothing to do with emotions, where they came from, how to deal with them, how to stop diluting them with food, how to refocus your life, how to build self esteem, self confidence..., isn't that an insult to your intelligence?

What does self esteem and self confidence have to do with overcoming emotional eating? Maybe a lot, maybe not so much, but I've seen clients generate some disappointing emotions from a poor self image or a lacking of self confidence.

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