Saturday, August 15, 2009

Emotional Eating "The Stress of Emotion"

Do you like to feel upset?

Do you like to feel down?

Do you like to feel bored?

Do you like to feel uncertain?

Do you like to feel happy?
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Do you like excitement?

Most people say that they like happiness and maybe excitement, but not the other emotions.

What is emotional eating about? Well it's about eating to avoid all of these emotions and others such as confusion, anger, malaise...

Emotions can be stressful. But the typical advice for managing stress, i.e. deep breathing, taking a walk, meditation, yoga, relaxation response... does little for handling the emotions of an emotional over eater.

Look at the situation where you're at the boardwalk and you walk into a candy store. Aside from taking a deep breadth (which is not specific) it's impractical to meditate, do yoga... Sure you might walk down the boardwalk and find yourself staring at another candy store.

Specific techniques are needed to deal with emotions that are emotion specific.

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