Saturday, August 22, 2009

Who Ate My Happiness (Emotional Eating)?

Today I got the sense that I'm sabatoging myself. I'm just two or so pounds from my goal weight. I had breakfast this morning (around 9:00am) with my son who dropped by to help me with a project. Later on I went out for a while to take my mother grocery shopping and returned home around 1:30pm. I had no desire to eat anything but had a root beer float anyway. It was then that I was asking me if I'm sabatoging me.

Later in the evening we went to a country fair nearby. It's the last one of the year and I chose to have a gyro, zeppoles, some roasted nuts and a share of ice cream--chocolate of course.

Just wondering what the stupid scale will say in the morning--expecting to be about four pounds from goal instead of three.

Who Ate My Happiness? is the title of an interesting article. It's short and quick to read. One intriguing question is:
"What is your mind full of when you feel empty?"

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