Monday, August 3, 2009

Put an End to Emotional Eating?

Happened across another article titled Put an End to Emotional Eating by Jena and Ed Bloch. I was once again hoping for some great advice to match the promise of the title. Great title, right? Arouses your curiosity with one giant promise. Go read the article but don't expect much. The closest they get to dealing with emotions is to suggest writing down your emotions you're feeling before you eat. Could be a great first step and then zero--that's the last mention of emotions.

What the hell are you supposed to do with them? What about emotions? Aren't these questions you'd hope some direction for? Even if they were selling a book for $50, wouldn't you want to know that the answers to those questions would be included?

More recycled advice. Again, I'm not saying that any of their suggestions won't help; I'm saying that only one had any thing to do with emotions.

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