Friday, August 14, 2009

Mayo Clinic on Emotional Eating

Even the Mayo Clinic is jumping onto the band wagon of emotional eating. It's amazing--everyone who has ever done anything with diet or eating has jumped on the band wagon of emotional eating.

They all take what they have done for decades in regard to advice and diet and apply the same old approaches to the newly identified term of emotional eating. Click here to read the article.

Sure everyone understands that stress plays a part in over eating. But no one identifies that not only is the stress an issue, it's the stress of the emotions that are there. I almost said, "stress of emotions that are experienced" but that's the problem, the emotions are too stressful to be experienced. If the emotion could be experienced (and this is true for boredom, happiness...) there would be no over eating.

So read the article and tell me where it provides any advice in dealing with emotion. If you notice I've said more in the previous paragraph than the entire article said.

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