Friday, August 21, 2009

Emotional Eating and Indigestion

Went out to dinner the other evening to Applebees and took advantage of their two for twenty dollar deal. It was good and the portions were just right. My friend and I shared a chocolate desert to complete dinner--we're both chocoholics.

The only thing I dislike about eating out is that generally it's eating later than usual and around 1:00pm I awakened with indigestion--a bad case of it. Fortunately I remembered the coral calcium water that I drink every day. I say, "remember" because for over a year--I was fifteen pounds heavier-- I suffered from indigestion on a regular basis and never thought about the coral calcium that is readily available to me. It's kinda like frantically looking for your car keys with them in your hand all the time.

Anyway, I went to the kitchen and poured the water from my bottle of coral calcium into a bowl so I could dump out a few grams of the coral into a cup. I then took a teaspoon and consumed a teaspoonful of coral. I chewed it well and swallowed it. That was the instantaneous end of my indigestion and off to sleep I went.

Note that not all coral calcium is really from coral--you can tell because real coral calcium can be chewed whereas the fake stuff is nothing but beach sand. The coral calcium is great as it also provides me all the minerals my body needs on a daily basis.

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