Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Blew it "Emotional Eating Got Me"

Years ago I would have said, "I blew it!" after having a complete dinner and not using a doggie bag. But today I say, "It was delicious and I enjoyed it." What's the difference? I chose to eat everything I ate and enjoy it. What about weight gain? There won't be any since it was just a blip in the week and totally affordable in terms of my emotional choices. Found another article, How to Overcome Emotional Eating in which the author sums everything up by saying, "Finding new ways to solve your problems and deal with stress will push food out of the equation. You’ll feel good about finding solutions which will replace the dependence on food." What do you think about this advice? Do you think it will help you truly solve the emotional aspects of emotional eating? More importantly, if you go to the article, what is the sound that is played?

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