Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Frustrating Morning--FAt People?

My morning was frustrating. Nothing seemed to go smoothly and I got myself caught in a pitty potty of the many mistakes I made in my life as I was stuck in a traffic jam.

An hour later I decided to stop in at a Wendy's and diluted my frustration with three items from the value menu. So even though I chose to dilute the frustration I limited the diluent and it was also lunch time which I often simply forget about and skip.

But more importantly I found my self sitting with three guys in front of me. One was about 60 pounds overweight, another about 35 pounds and the other one I really couldn't tell since I couldn't see around the guy sitting in front of him.

My thoughts just kinda gravitated to the heaviest of the guys whose stomach made it difficult for him to sit close to the table. I wondered about his level of self confidence. I wondered how he related with others. I couldn't hear what they were talking about--nothing animated--just seemed like make do conversation.

I was wondering who would employ the heavy guy. What kind of job he could get. I would imagine most employers would have the same thoughts. If he can't take charge of his own body, how can he take charge of a job? And the heavier the person is the louder the question.

To me it was obvious that he was an emotional eater. With that amount of weight a lot of issues are created and with each issue are emotional feelings.

A few posts ago I wrote about emotional eating being a mental illness and his appearance seemed to make that issue transparent.

But then we can say the same of chain smokers, and drug addicts.

What do you think?

Oh yes, my frustration did subside as I continued along in my day and was pleased that it was limited in quantity and grateful that my three or four extra pounds are nothing in comparison to what they could be.

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