Sunday, August 2, 2009

Emotional Eating Confusion

It's one thing to identify the fact that one is prey to emotional eating. It's another to get real help. Click here for a blog entry in which the person who entered the blog is confused. She's about 40 pounds overweight and knows that she's an emotional eater. Yet the advice she's getting is to make her goal to be healthy. And yet, by most indices she is healthy.

Some answers she has gotten talk about being happy overweight and healthy. I would suggest she focus on dealing with her emotional eating. The problem is that there is very little direction on how to deal with emotions. Have you read any books that tell you how to make any emotion ok to feel?
Have you read any book that tells you how to embrace any emotion? Have you read any book that tells you how to refocus to the stress surrounding your emotional eating? Have you read any book that tells you how to release your creative genius to deal with your stressors?

I've read several top selling books and dozens of articles and none have even addressed these questions much less given any direction. Aren't the answers to these questions what you would hope to find rather than recycled advice from the last century in dealing with over eating? I'm not saying that none of that advice ever works, but long term 95% of everyone who loses weight gains it back so that fact speaks for itself. I mean for some people standing on their heads for three minutes each day will help them lose weight but it has nothing to do with dealing with emotional eating.

Want some real direction for dealing with emotional eating? Click here.

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